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Quotes by Little Craig

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[29 Jan 2006|12:48am]

So aimee tells Craig online
"ditch that pillow and have sex with me"
Craig comes in my room talking to his pillow going
"pillow im so sorry but im breaking up with you"
"im not calling u baby anymore either bitch"

What a fuckin G


[29 Jan 2006|12:11am]

Little craig was on his brothers screenname..

"Now all mikes girls are gonna like me cuz im gonna say im 11"

And just so you know all the girls mike talk to are around his age.. 16 haha.

And im babysitting him at the moment and his in the other room on the other computer taling to me
Ita1ionStalli0n2: bich!
F u z z i eNav3L: its spelt bitch moron
Ita1ionStalli0n2: fuck you
F u z z i eNav3L: fag
Ita1ionStalli0n2: bitch
Ita1ionStalli0n2: fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F u z z i eNav3L: is that all you know how to say?
Ita1ionStalli0n2: no
Ita1ionStalli0n2: ass
F u z z i eNav3L: penis
F u z z i eNav3L: you just made me say penis to someone else
Ita1ionStalli0n2: fucking moron
Ita1ionStalli0n2: ha ha ha
F u z z i eNav3L: did u just call me a sick fucking whore? we are only a room away and both the doors are open im not deaf retard
Ita1ionStalli0n2: so shut the fuck up
Ita1ionStalli0n2: suck my dick
F u z z i eNav3L: im your sister ew
Ita1ionStalli0n2: fuck!!!!!!!!!
F u z z i eNav3L: go get me some ice for my water
Ita1ionStalli0n2: wha go to hell
F u z z i eNav3L: im telling your mom
Ita1ionStalli0n2: sroory
F u z z i eNav3L: im just kidding
Ita1ionStalli0n2: that's right you are
F u z z i eNav3L: um how do you know how to use apostarphes?
Ita1ionStalli0n2: i'm smart
F u z z i eNav3L: u are, i always that i had a retarted little brother
Ita1ionStalli0n2: fuck you
F u z z i eNav3L: u want something to eat?
Ita1ionStalli0n2: no
Ita1ionStalli0n2: i piss
F u z z i eNav3L: i heard

then i found out he was talking to one of mike (his brother)friends haha

Ita1ionStalli0n2: i love you
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: i love you more..its mciehel
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: suzanne miler
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: mikey i havent talked to you in 8 yeard
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: ok its jenna
Ita1ionStalli0n2: i am not mike
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: than who are you?
Ita1ionStalli0n2: craig
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: craig who?
Ita1ionStalli0n2: craig garwood
Ita1ionStalli0n2: so
Ita1ionStalli0n2: i can be mike
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: well if your name is craig than your not mike
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: so you dont have to pretend
Ita1ionStalli0n2: fuck you
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: sorry inm srunk
Ita1ionStalli0n2: l'm soory
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: no its ok
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: what are you fuckers doin tonite
Ita1ionStalli0n2: ?
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: ok?
Ita1ionStalli0n2: i haft to go
JeNNaBoBeNNa32: peace
Ita1ionStalli0n2: yes
Ita1ionStalli0n2: fuck

1 Whats his name?Image hosted by Photobucket.com Doobie

[24 Jan 2006|07:21pm]

* trying to blow bubble with skittles gum*
Craig- Why couldnt god be more specific on how to blow bubbles?
*acheives blowing a bubble*
-Thanks God i owe ya one


[16 Nov 2005|03:24pm]

havent talked to the pimp in awhile.. But i called him the other day and this is how it went.
ME- Im watchin porn
craig- what kind of porn?
Me- nakid lady porn
craig- why
me- I dont know.
Craig- If i was watching porn id have a reason.


[14 Nov 2005|03:17pm]

our fellow pimp was larry potter for halloween.

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[05 Oct 2005|05:58pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

promote lmao bitches


[21 Sep 2005|07:46pm]

Me- Girls have vaginas and boys have penises
craig- But gay guys have faginas


[19 Sep 2005|04:25pm]

Ill put his most famous ones.. for the first entry of his quotes...

Me- "I hate gramma"
Baby (his nickname)- "Im tellin her u said that"
Me- go ahead ill tell her you watch her when she changes
baby- Nooo tell her something more sensitive.. like i killed someone..

Then a couple months later..

Him- Chelsea what did i say about grandma before?
Me- I dont remember but it was real funny.. I think i wrote it somewhere ill find it
Him- NO i said it so i should be able to remember it..

"Damnnn Chelsea your boobs are far apart"

* walks in my room with a pillow, and goes on my bed and starts making out with it.. I give him a weird look*
Him talking to the pillow- Oh sorry baby we have to go somewhere else..
Him talkin to me- Is it okay if we make out in here?

"I just go up to chicks and say i have sex with pillows wanna be my girlfriend? And they say okay"

1 Whats his name?Image hosted by Photobucket.com Doobie

Yay [11 Sep 2005|06:35pm]

Yay for Craigs new Fan Club

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